"Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness."

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→ Things that was erased from the books and that should have been included in the movie: The Malfoys trying to find Draco and their reunion.


MERLIN Graphic Battle: katiemcgrath  vs. deanpendragon

↳ Round 3: Magic - 3- 500x200px 


"You don’t need the instructions, when was the last time you’ve ever used instructions? Am I right? You don’t need them because you are too smart to waste your time with them, okay? You can figure it out. Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out. So you can do it. Figure. It. Out.” - Lydia, “More Bad Than Good”

It’s too late for regrets. Reality is just cruelly moving forward.


six photos of NaruSaku | asked by sasukages

"The last thing she needs is another grave to mourn.”

It will drive you mad


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