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DRAMIONE APPRECIATION WEEK : day four - fanfic graphic

"You were wrong, you know," He stated suddenly, and her throat suddenly grew very, very parched. He reached forward, as though uncertain, and brushed a tear from her face with his soft, warm thumb. 

"…Wrong?" She probed, her hand sliding up to rest against his chest. He nodded as if to clarify, silently musing over his response before deigning to continue. 

"You said that I was your lighthouse-that I helped bring you to shore," He said finally, in a voice so hushed that Hermione had to strain to hear it.

"…I did, yes. I’m sorry, but-how is that wrong, exactly?"

"Because I’m not your lighthouse," He murmured, shifting slightly in bed to face her better. Hermione could feel her heart in her throat, she’d swear it, so when he bent down and pressed his lips against the warm shell of her ear, she really didn’t know what to expect. 

"You’re mine." 

- The Lighthouse by anondracomalfoy

... the one she loved most.


EmptyFantasies’ Character Mood Boards - 8/?

Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter Series


We’re living in a den of thieves, rummaging for answers in the pages.

the little book of stories - tales of a gutsy ninja


"Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness."

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→ Things that was erased from the books and that should have been included in the movie: The Malfoys trying to find Draco and their reunion.


MERLIN Graphic Battle: katiemcgrath  vs. deanpendragon

↳ Round 3: Magic - 3- 500x200px 


"You don’t need the instructions, when was the last time you’ve ever used instructions? Am I right? You don’t need them because you are too smart to waste your time with them, okay? You can figure it out. Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out. So you can do it. Figure. It. Out.” - Lydia, “More Bad Than Good”