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Discussions popped up on my dash in which few people noticed that many of Jade’s friends and family are (openly) supporting Israel. Concerning recent news that is very problematic and offensive, supporting the side of the oppressors (=Israel). 

I searched for myself, seeing if it was true or not and it’s just getting better. I’m not going to list all things, but there are some:

  • her brother justifying and defending Israel and the things they do to innocent Palestinians. He might talk about how he wants peace but he is always blaming Palestine/Hamas with the argument “if Hamas gets destroyed this all will stop”. WELL funny that Israel has been attacking Palestinians way before Hamas came. Funny that THOUSANDS of innocent people get killed, always with the excuse that Israel thought it was Hamas members they were killing. No dude, Hamas is only one of the many many excuses Israel has for attacking Palestine. And even if Hamas was a problem hundred thousands innocents have been killed off. Israel is blatantly lying (those three Israelis that were kidnapped by Hamas, remember? Israel later said that it wasn’t Hamas. Those four children that Israel said were body shields for Hamas and the Israeli military killed off? No, it were four normal children just playing. And the lies and excuses just get more and more with every new day).
  • Many friends (+her brother) are following IDF- yes, the ones who kill all those innocent people and who commit genocide. Do I have to say more?
  • Now onto Joan Rivers…ah yes, until a few days ago Jade wasn’t following her. I wonder if it’s this new interview of Joan supports Israel and EXCUSES the killing of the many Palestinians and insults people who have shows support for Palestine. Or this interview in which Joan is justifying Israel’s actions without showing any compassion with Palestine (who btw didn’t start with the attacks lol but ok). But as if this isn’t already enough Joan Rivers is a racist, homophobic, fat-shames, slut-shames other women, attacks and insults people and many other things. Here some other examples: x, x, x, x. Whether Jade supports her “jokes” or if she started following Joan because of her statements on Israel and being clearly pro-Israel/ Zionist it’s not okay. 


  • after all he is following and supporting Jade’s friends and family members, people who are clearly pro-Israel, pro-Zionists maybe and who are following IDF, Israel’s defense force that is killing all those innocent people
  • he is following Ben Winston who is just another problematic figure (and who seems to know Jade and her brother); not only pro-Israel but pro-Zionist too. And he gave a misogynistic comment during the World Cup. What else he’s done I don’t know but I haven’t heard many good things about him. 
  • Now I know you might come and say “but Tom never said anything problematic!!!!!” or whatever. Alone the fact that he surrounds himself with people who support racism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, murder, torture, oppression, Islamophobia and basically colonization is NOT okay. And who knows which “side” he is on too. Because quite frankly I doubt he speaks against Jade and her group. Probably he’s only getting only the Israeli POV? 

Back to Jade: in the past some things have happened that made some fans dislike her (she and her friends bullying and insulting a fan of Tom, a friend of hers fat shaming someone on Facebook, the fact that some people are disturbed by “the way she glues herself to Tom, lives of her family’s (and maybe Tom’s) money and barely works in her life and whatever reasons her haters have - btw not my opinions!). Some people are not okay with her and some love her. 

But this is truly problematic compared to those reasons (some of which we don’t know if they’re even true) and you should be careful how far you support them. This isn’t about a life that “isn’t any of your business”. 

If you want to learn more about what’s truly going on with Palestine/Israel here are some good links:

Don’t come to my blog to accuse me of “silly hate” or try to excuse this. The fact that they are supporting this kind of people is bad enough. I don’t care if Jade or Tom have ever publicly said something problematic or not. They follow and support problematic people (& who knows what they truly say and think in private). but that is problematic enough.

PS: Sorry (!!!!!) for tagging this with fandom tags but a majority of Tom’s fans come from there so don’t ignore this and think about it please. This is a serious matter (no matter if it’s “only” following a person on a social media site). I know lots of you will be maybe annoyed for me tagging it in fandom tags but if that makes you realize and understand why it’s important to be careful around them I won’t be sorry for this.


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