Somebody to die for
"and i do remember it"
x Elena, 16, French (Toulouse)
x OUAT; NCIS ;HP; TVD; Merlin; HIMYM; DW; Bones; GoT; TW; TM; Dexter; THG; ATLA; LOK; PLL; Ugly Betty; Marvel
x fav otps: Tiva; Snowing; Gremma; Dramione; KC; Allisaac; Stydia; Mash; Mergana; Swarkles; DE; B&B; Amy&Eleven; Jon&Dany; Harmony; Romanogers
x fav brotp: Golden Trio; pack McCall ; McNozzo; Captain Charming; Sciles; Scisaac; Allydia
x fav IRL otps: Feltson; Nian; Jodice; Gosh; Smillan; Dystal; Kit&Emilia; Madman; Joshifer
x IRL bromance: Golden Trio; Josh&Jamie; Tupert; Feltcliffe; Mote; Karen&The Babes; Drew; Maflin; O'Brosey



Tom Felton talks about Harry Potter on the Queen Latifah Show(Feb, 2014)[x]

i have met a couple of six-year-olds who were apparently quite exited to meet me ——- before they had actually met me. & when they actually met me they ran behind their parents’ legs & cowered for shelter.


Tom Felton for Essential Homme Feb. 2014


I bet we know what Emma’s note says. ;) Or even Tom’s hahaha

But oooooh who is that cute Slytherin with Emma?


Tom Felton attends the 2014 TCA Winter Press Tour(1.10.14)

AU MEME: Since tom and emma made their relationship public the paparazzi haven’t stopped chasing them.