emma swan meme: ten relationships

[10|10] Graham; the one who never doubted her; the one who defended her; the one who chose her - and died because of it.

it’s ironic, or maybe fitting, that we’d get close to no one. except maybe each other.

the difference is, you do it by choice. and i can’t think of a sadder reason to love someone than because they also cannot truly love. and yet…well, maybe those aren’t the words for a letter.

Young Princess Emma was surprised to discover a young boy hiding in the stables one winter, but the boy who lived with wolves was to become her closest friend.

Emma was persistent throughout the years, letting the nameless boy know he wasn’t alone in the world. She in turn was the first human he ever warmed to, and he protected her fiercely.

It wasn’t until her parents begun to push her to meet suitors that the two understood what they meant to one another.

But a mother knows, and Queen Snow wouldn’t let her daughter have any less than her true love.

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Once Upon a Time Appreciation WeekDay Two : Favourite Relationship
                ↳ Captain Swan


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Graham? Are you okay? I remember. Graham?


Yeah, even the kiss in Neverland was much more of an Emma just she was happy because she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere, and it was just, yeah. She’s obviously attracted to him, and she gave him a kiss, but it was for fun. But this one, this one for us felt — this was about more. This was about Emma letting her wall down.

- Eddy Kitsis, There’s No Place Like Home" commentary