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mrs weasley: now don't forget to speak very VERY clearly
harry: diagonjasfjdgasiwiy
mrs weasley: the fuck did he just say

What has been the craziest fan experience that you’ve had so far? (x)

When did your flashes begin?”


Daniel Radcliffe on Live! with Kelly (January 31st, 2012)


Tony: “What I find interesting is how the same woman landed both Gibbs and Fornell.”
Ziva: “Why? They’re very much alike.”
Tony: “I don’t think so. Gibbs is wild savannah. Untamed. This Diane lady must have serious game to have landed a wild beast like that. Wonder what her game is. 


Tony (mimicking Fornell): “I’m a bald version of you.”

- 9x07 “Devil’s Triangle”


Once Upon a Time Cast

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