favorite pics of tw cast: 3/

NaruSaku + Sai’s i n t e r v e n t i o n (part 1)


2. Favorite Kunoichi: Sakura Haruno


1. Overall Favorite Character: Naruto Uzumaki

NaruSaku + promise of a l i f e t i m e

Sakura… You…

She thought she would lessen your burden by giving up on Sasuke and confessing her love for you. But you still said you wanted to save Sasuke. I think that’s why she couldn’t tell you the truth. She was thinking of your feelings. And… she probably knew you’d say that. […] And… She also knows that might make you hate her. That’s her way of making up for trying to saddle you with a lifelong burden. She’s always relied on you too much… So now she’s going to do everything alone. - Sai to Naruto about Sakura’s confession

favorite pics of tw cast: 2/

favorite pics of tw cast: 1/

Fairy Tail’s strongest team

you make me smile